Valentine Roses

1330( 1 Unit )
₹ 1330

A perfect gift on the occasion Roses are among the best Valentine\'s Day gifts that manifest the purpose of the celebration in a better manner. Roses have been VALENTINE Day Roses and also traditional Valentine\'s Day gifts presented by lovers to each other. Here are few stanzas for a famous Valentine\'s day love saying that glorifies the significance of roses on this occasion.

Roses are red,
And Violets are blue,
Sugar is sweet,
And so are you.

My sweetheart,

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25 Red Rose Basket

840( 1 Unit )
₹ 840

20 long stem Red Roses or Carnations basket. You can also request us to customize the number of flowers as per your father\'s age or as per your choice.

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A BIG Hug of Roses

4200( 1 Unit )
₹ 4200

Send her this WARM and BIG Hug of Red Roses. Placed perfectly in a White Basket, these 100 Red Roses will surely make their way straight to her Heart.This signifies the amount of love an affection you want to bless your loved one with.

PERFECT gift for your loved ones in India, Mumbai, IC Colony, Vasai

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Mix Rose Basket

840( 1 Unit )
₹ 840

A large and lovely bouquet that says it all. Passionate long stem red roses, romantic hot yellow roses, arranged elegantly in a bamboo basket. Couldn\'t have said it better ourselves.

If your loved ones are not happy with the flowers, we will refund full amount. No questions asked. That\'s our promise and confidence in our flowers.

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Orange Roses Hand Bouquet

560( 1 Unit )
₹ 560

An arrangement that will dazzle the senses, this bouquet of bi-colour Roses of orange & yellow would make the perfect floral gift for a much-loved friend, dad or grandfather. These beautiful Roses are a perfect way to spread some love and care. They will definitely brighten your loved one\'s day with their great color

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Pink Beautiful Basket

1400( 1 unit )
₹ 1400

A beautiful basket to hold 25 pink roses. Sure to bring smiles to your loves ones.This bouquet is attractive as well as refreshing. Delivered Fresh!!

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Pink Roses Bouquet

910( 1 Unit )
₹ 910

16 hot pink roses

Whether you\'re celebrating a special occasion, or no occasion, our Love and Romance flowers will set the right tone. Our collection includes lush romantic roses and romantic gifts like teddy bears, swiss lindt chocolates. Declare your love with romantic flowers designed by expert florists and have them delivered to your home or to the office. No matter the reason, your true love will be swept off her feet when you send a romantic gift from our Love and Romance collection.

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Red Roses Hand Bouquet

630( 1 Unit )
₹ 630

Send this exotic bunch of long stem red roses wrapped in special paper for people from borivali to IC colony or vasai to virar. The exclusive packaging makes wonder to this ever special bouquet.

We deliver flowers to Pune, Nagpur, Delhi, Mumbai,

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Orchid Aura Standard

1299( 1 Nos )
1 Nos
₹ 1299

Gift your loved ones a wonderful and amazing arrangement of purple orchids. It symbolizes elegance, thoughtfulness and care for the person to whom you are sending this floral arrangement. This bunch comprises of 10 purple orchids in a samadhan glass vase efficiently garnered to perfection. Spread the fragrance of respect and care for your loved one and make the person feel special.

Your Gift Contains:

Glass vase arrangement of 10 Purple Orchids (Height 6 Inches)

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Something Impressive

1149( 1 Nos )
1 Nos
₹ 1149

This mix of blue and purple orchids bouquet would be something heartfelt and impressive gift for your dear ones. The delicate charm of this gorgeous bouquet will definitely be loved by all.

Your Gift Contains:

Bouquet of 5 Blue Orchids and 5 Purple Orchids

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Purple Orchids

1199( 1 Nos )
1 Nos
₹ 1199

Orchids are freshly picked form the farms for increasing your happiness and these petals get a new style with our creative florists.The blue paper is used here to pack these flowers and tied with a knot. The contrast in colors would be loved by your loved ones when you give them this gift.

Your Gift Contains:

10 Purple Orchid
Blue Packing Paper

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Elegant Roses

2399( 1 Nos )
1 Nos
₹ 2399

A collection of 50 pink and white roses all together put up in an explicit bunch wrapped in a rich packing paper tied with a matching colour ribbon bow. A perfect bunch to bring smile on your special person\'s face. These roses help you express your feelings. So just make the moment as special as your relation with this gift.

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Big Hug

2299( 1 Nos )
1 Nos
₹ 2299

A bunch of 50 red and yellow roses makes a luxurious rich present, wrapped beautifully with a matching ribbon. This red paper act as an outlining to the bouquet. These fresh flowers are placed perfectly to make a way directly to the heart of that special person. Send these flowers to your beloved, when you want to express your love with a big hug from your side.

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Sundripped Carnation

549( 1 Nos )
1 Nos
₹ 549

Brighten any celebration with a vibrant and luxurious bouquet. Make every occasion memorable with an exotic bunch of 10 yellow carnations with lots of fillers in a blue paper packing. Your loved would definitely glitter up with this gift.

Your Gift Contains:

10 Yellow Carnation
Blue Packing Paper
Yellow Ribbon

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Pink Combination

579( 1 Nos )
1 Nos
₹ 579

Buy or send flowers online from Vasai Flowers, one of the easiest ways to shop flowers online and send flowers across the India. Bunch of 10 Pink Carnations with fillers in pink paper packing and pink ribbon

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Romantic Affair

779( 1 Nos )
1 Nos
₹ 779

Rekindle your romance with this attractive basket from Vasai Flowers. Get this cane basket has been arranged with 15 red Carnations and filler and is a perfect gift for a romantic affair. Best way to send flowers to Vasai and Virar area.

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Memorable Moments

949( 1 Nos )
1 Nos
₹ 949

These fresh and gorgeous flowers are assembled from the preferred floral farms especially so that you can gift it to your beloved ones. This arrangement of 20 pink carnations with ribbon bow which induces comfort, decency and love at first sight.

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Gift Of Remembrance

629( 1 Nos )
1 Nos
₹ 629

This flower bouquet of white carnations is an ideal way to express purity, remembrance and sympathy. It is perfect for almost any occasion.

Your Gift Contains:

Bouquet of 12 White Carnations

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Hugs N Kisses

1499( 1 Nos )
1 Nos
₹ 1499

With this basket arrangement of sensual purple orchids balanced by the passion of the pink roses, capture the many moods of the heart. It is a perfect gift for your loved ones in birthdays, anniversaries, weddings or any other special occasions! Your Gift Contains:

Basket arrangement of 20 Pink Roses and 6 Purple Orchids (Height 7 Inches)

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Cradle of best wishes

2199( 1 Nos )
1 Nos
₹ 2199

Arrangement of 14 pink roses, 3 White Roses, 12 purple Orchids. All arranged beautifully on handle basket as shown in the image.

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5899( 1 Nos )
1 Nos
₹ 5899

Yellow is the colour of joy and true friendship. Send these beautiful yellow blooms along with a shade white. Your friend will be overwhelmed on receiving this lovely bouquet on his/her doorsteps.

Your Gift Contains:

1 Rectangular Glass Vase
20 Yellow Rose
15 White Daisies

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Classic Celebrations

2249( 1 Nos )
1 Nos
₹ 2249

Here is a perfect assortment of red roses to make your loved ones feel their importance in your life. Mix colour red roses and yellow carnations set along lot of green fillers is adorned with multi colour paper ribbon bow. This exquisite arrangement perfectly offers your recipient a gift straight from the heart. This classic romantic gesture will have them falling head over heel in love.

Your Gift Contains:

35 Red Roses
20 Yellow Carnations

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Touch of Romance

1999( 1 Nos )
1 Nos
₹ 1999

Your perfect romance will start with this mesmerizing bouquet arrangement. A captivating mix of pink rose and orchids arranged with perfection in a round glass vase is the perfect gift to send any time. Wrapped with white knot, this rich arrangement of luxurious flowers will add some romance in your love life.

Your Gift Contains:

12 Pink Rose
12 Blue Orchids

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Modern Embrace

2299( 1 Nos )
1 Nos
₹ 2299

Their beauty will light up your life and make you feel happy and joyful to give a fresh start of the day. A colourful basket arrangement of 50 roses with 10 red roses, 10 pink roses, 10 white roses, 10 yellow roses & 10 baby pink roses with green fillers and dracaena leaves to give it a beautiful appearance. This combo of almost all the colours of roses will make it a pleasant day for you.

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Ferro Roses Combo

1555( 1 Nos )
1 Nos
₹ 1555

Chocolates and Flowers make a good couple. That is why we have curated this perfect bunch for you that has 16 Red Roses and 16 Ferrero Rocher Chocolates tied together in Red Paper Packing. Happy gifting.

Product Contains:
Designer Bouquet of 16 Red Roses with 16 Pcs Ferrero Rocher wrapped in red special paper.

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20 Red Roses

780( 1 Unit )
₹ 780

A beautiful basket of 20 red roses with greenery provide nature\'s resemblance and a refreshing energy in the atmosphere that will help in continuing the celebrations of life forever. The delivery will be instantaneous for those who stays in IC colony and Borivli.

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